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Our clinic provides FUE, Sapphire and DHI techniques. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) as in its name, is the modern extraction technique. The grafts are taken from the donor area -which is mainly the nape and the sides- one by one. It does not leave any scar like the old FUT technique and a much bigger number of grafts are obtained in this case. The Sapphire Technique is the implantation technique. The channels, basically the new homes of the grafts, are opened by using a real and thin sapphire tip. Then the extracted grafts are put in the channels one by one. DHI is the other implantation technique. After putting the grafts at the end of the Choi pens, the pens are pressed onto the area that needs a transplant and the graft goes right in. Therefore, unlike in the Sapphire Technique, there is no need to open any channels. All these techniques can be used in both women and men and in transplants such as eyebrow,beard or hair.

All types of hair transplants can easily be performed in women as well. The communication with the consultant is important to meet the patient’s needs and desires.

Transplantation Programs

Just like in hair transplant, the grafts are taken by the main donor area which is the nape. However, in beard and mustache transplant, the singular grafts are preferred to obtain a more natural look.

To obtain the best shape that suits the patients face, an eyebrow specialist designs the area that will be transplanted by measuring and hearing the desires of the patient. Just like in hair transplant, the grafts are taken by the main donor area which is the nape. However, in eyebrow transplant, the singular grafts are preferred to obtain a more natural look.

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The transplant itself doesn't cause any allergies. If the patient already has an existing condition, it is important that he or she informs their consultant and specialist.
There is no age limitation to have a transplant but it is something that the specialist takes in consideration especially while determining the hairline to have the most natural and beautiful result.
After a correctly done operation and aftercare, no side affects are expected. Symptoms such as itching and zits are normal to a certain amount. To be sure that everything goes well, it is suggested to stay in touch with the consultant after the operation.
Every case is treated specially, this is the reason why in online consultation some questions are asked. The expert team takes in consideration every allergy and existing condition of the person and uses medication and materials according to it. The operation takes place in a sterile operation room with disposable equipments and the consultant stays with the patient in the course of operation for communicating thoroughly.

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